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Dr. Martens Clarissa II Brando černé DM24477001
Dr. Martens Clarissa II Brando černé DM24477001
Krátky popis Unikátní produkt Dr. Martens Clarissa II Brando černé DM24477001 od výrobce Dr. Martens u nás najdete zlevněný od 2782,50 Kč.
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  • 2782,50
  • 4032 Kč
  • 31 %
Dr. Martens
Dr. Martens’ appeal to people who have their own individual style but share a united spirit – authentic characters who stand for something. People who possess a proud sense of self- expression. People who are different. On a stylistic level, Dr. Martens’ simple silhouettes allows their wearers to adopt the boots and shoes as part of their own individual and very distinctive style; on a practical level, their famous durability and comfort make them ideal for the unforgiving world of gigs and street fashion; and then finally on an emotional level, they are a badge of attitude and empowerment. However, it wasn’t always this way: Dr. Martens were originally a modest work-wear boot that was even sold as a gardening shoe at one stage. So, how did this utilitarian boot transform into one of the most culturally relevant brands of the modern era?.
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