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Makia Square Pocket Sweatshirt šedé M4144A
Makia Square Pocket Sweatshirt šedé M4144A
Krátky popis Designový produkt Makia Square Pocket Sweatshirt šedé M4144A od výrobce Makia u nás najdete ve slevě od 1033,50 Kč
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  • 1033,50
  • 1596 Kč
  • 35 %
Founded in 2001, Makia is a Helsinki based clothing company producing Nordic contemporary clothing The idea of Makia originates from the need to keep warm in harsh conditions, while befitting a city environment, equally in quality and over trends to become a part of our everyday lives Makia’s collection is inspired by the history and surroundings of the Helsinki harbour, where the brand’s headquarters are located, and has evolved into a complete line of garments, to shelter one from head to toe We have stood long enough in cold rain, to favour simple and functional design that focuses on materials respecting the harsh northern climate Makia was born in the harbour of Helsinki out of these principles - to stand the test of time and to accompany you for years to come
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