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On Running Cloudnova Multicolor 26.99265
On Running Cloudnova Multicolor 26.99265
Krátky popis Neodolatelný produkt On Running Cloudnova Multicolor 26.99265 od výrobce On Running u nás najdete levně od 4240 Kč.
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On Running
The Ultra-Limited All-Day Sneaker Infused With Performance Tech. Technology: Tech Meets Style Next-gen connected CloudTec® cushions impact and a bespoke Speedboard™ propels you forward. Rubber reinforcements support the natural rolling motion of the foot and the redesigned tongue piece offers an unrivaled fit. Materials: Comfort is Luxury The 'heel tongue' and inner sock construction offer a superior step-in feel: soft and supportive. With a padded heel and a customizable lacing configuration built for enhanced bend and flex, it’s ideal for exploring city limits, your limits, any limits. Design: A New Breed Performance born, design bred. The Cloudnova fuses everything we know about running tech with a brand new style and silhouette. Think responsive comfort and urban energy.
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